Revenue Grade Meter Proof for the ABP

Proof of RGM for projects over 10kW AC: ABP is looking to verify two things, that the production is trackable, and that it is being monitored by a revenue grade meter. 

  • If the revenue grade meter has a screen that shows production, a photo of the meter showing production should suffice (ideally this would show the make and model of the meter).
  • If the revenue grade meter does not have a screen, then a photo of the physical meter (ideally showing make and model), and a screenshot from online monitoring would work.
  • If the online monitoring for a system shows the RGM make and model installed (if you are viewing a system’s layout on SolarEdge, for example), a screenshot from the layout showing the make and model, and another screenshot from the main dashboard showing total production would work.
  • If the RGM is an integrated add-on, like an SMA integrated RGM, a photo of the add-on, with an invoice for the add-on would work.
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