How To Register a System for the ABP

How to Submit a System into the Adjustable Block Program

Systems can be submitted to CSG through the Portal found here.

  1. To receive a Portal invitation, please email
  2. Systems will require Standard Disclosure Forms for more information, please view our blog post here,
    • These can be obtained in several ways:
      • By creating an account at the ABP Program Website, and becoming a designee by letting know the email used for your account.
      • Alternatively you may enter the Standard Disclosure Information into the CSG Portal and CSG will generate and send these to your clients for signature.
      • Finally, you may request a Shared Google Sheet or Excel sheet from CSG with all of the required information, fill it out and send back to CSG so we can generate and send the forms for signature.
  3. Each Application will require system information and supporting documents.
    • To see a full list of required information, please view our blog post here.
      • This can be entered into the CSG Portal. For a Shared Spreadsheet to be used, it must be up to date with the ABP informational requirements.
    • To see a full list of required documentation, please view our blog post here.
      • This information can only be uploaded to the CSG Portal. This allows for a high-level of document tracking and organization.
  4. All energized systems will require a Schedule A signed by the system owner. You can view a blank copy here. This will grant Carbon Solutions Group the right to register the system with PJM-EIS GATS.
  5. Once CSG has all of the required information and documentation, CSG will generate an E-Signable contract from DocuSign.