ABP Required Document Uploads

Full List of Required Documentation for the ABP

The following list contains the specific documents and images required for each system participating in the Adjustable Block Program. These documents can be uploaded to the CSG Portal at each system under the Pre-Installation Tab for Pre-Installation documents, and the Post Installation tab for Post Installation documents. They are located at the bottom of each tab.

Please note that some documents are only required for specific size categories such as systems that are >25kW AC require a Signed Interconnection Agreement, and systems >10kW AC require a revenue grade meter, and a photo of the meter showing the lifetime production of the solar array. Please see the full list and the accompanying notes for a full understanding of the program requirements.

Pre-Installation Document Uploads:

  • System Installation Contract – PDF
    • This is the contract between the installer or developer and the system owner to cover the system.
  • Schedule -A
    • Required for System GATS Registration
    • Will be sent to system owners by CSG or included in the CSG’s REC contract.
  • System Production Estimate / Proof of Capacity Factor – PDF
    • Please provide an estimate of the solar production for the system. If a custom capacity will be used for this system please also provide the output from solar estimation software that was used.
  • Plot Diagram or Site-Map- PDF
    • The site map (or aerial photo) must be provided with each application for a ground mounted system which shows property boundaries, any structures on the property, and the location of the solar array(s).
  • Proof of Site Control / Host Agreement – PDF
    • If system owner and property owner are the same this will be covered in CSG’s REC contract with the customer. If system owner and property are not the same this is a binding contract, option, or other demonstration of site control acceptable to the Program Administrator.
  • (Over 25kW Only) Interconnection Agreement / Approval – PDF  
    • Must be signed by the utility

Post Installation Document Uploads:

  • Final Invoice Showing Installer
    • Final invoice needs to show the final invoice cost. If the final invoice doesn’t show the total system cost, all invoices that cumulatively show the system cost need to be uploaded.
  • Certificate of Completion / Final Interconnection Approval – PDF  
    • Must be signed by the utility
  • Net Metering Approval Letter – PDF  
    • If applicable.
  • Photographs of Modules – JPEG/JPG, TIFF, BMP, or PNG  
    • Photograph(s) of the project showing all installed modules. Photograph(s) must clearly show each module and must be in JPEG, TIFF, BMP, or PNG format. This may require more than one image to be uploaded to show the full system. Drone photos or multiple photos from the ground are both acceptable.
  • Photographs of Inverters – JPEG/JPG, TIFF, BMP, or PNG  
    • Photograph(s) of the inverter(s). Photograph must clearly show inverter model number and must be in JPEG, TIFF, BMP, or PNG format. Systems using micro-inverters should provide a picture of the gateway connecting the micro inverters i.e. the Enphase Envoy.
  • Photograph of the Meter – JPEG/JPG, TIFF, BMP, or PNG  
    • Please note this is the solar production meter not the utility meter. The photograph must clearly show current cumulative lifetime meter reading and must be in JPEG, TIFF, BMP, or PNG format. For systems under 10kW the inverter may be used as a meter, for systems over 10kW a Revenue Grade Meter must be used. For systems using inverters for meter reads please include a picture showing the inverter screen showing the total system output to date.  If the inverter does not have this screen please include a picture of the inverter along with a screenshot of the monitoring portal.  For the full Metering Requirements please click here.