About Us

Carbon Solutions Group is a project development, environmental asset management and advisory firm headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and Lima, Peru, as well as numerous independent working relationships worldwide.

Carbon Solutions Group brings project finance specialization in environmental asset valuation, trading and energy forecasting. Our services include development of carbon and renewable energy projects, emissions mitigation and management, GHG Emissions Inventory, Green Building projects, as well as regulatory and protocol advisory with regard to carbon emissions and renewable fuels.

Carbon Solutions Group’s expertise lies in our deep understanding of global carbon and environmental trading markets. The comprehensive but balanced expertise commanded by our associates ranges from environmental consultants, business and policy analysts, multi-disciplined engineers and financial traders. Our wide-ranging expertise enables Carbon Solutions Group to deliver innovative solutions with high-quality results.

CSG with private clients, municipalities, utilities in a variety of settings and market conditions around the globe.

To see how Carbon Solutions Group can help your organization with a specific project or general regulatory compliance, please contact us at 866 499 1456 or contact us.