2016 Utility Solar Procurement

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The Illinois Power Agency (IPA) will be running a Utility Solar Procurement just as in 2015.  This procurement is especially targeting utility scale solar projects, although it allows any size solar system to participate.  This procurement will be administered by the Illinois Power Agency (IPA) on behalf of Comed, Ameren, and Mid-American.

The procurement will be accepting offers from bidders for SRECs in two different geographical categories.  The first category is for production from projects located in the state of Illinois or an adjoining state (Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana, or Michigan).  The second category is all other states in the US.  The IPA will show a preference toward Illinois and adjoining states during their selection process which will likely reward in these SRECS winning at higher prices.

We are still waiting on the timeline and rules to be released for the 2016 procurement, but we hope to have many more details on these shortly.  If you are interested in more information here is a link to the IPA’s 2016 Procurement Plan which has some details on their targets for the 2016 Utility Procurement.  Also, you can look at the 2015 Rules Document for an idea of what the structure will be like this year.

More on this coming soon.

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